I Went On a Date, With a Girl, a Bit Late

September 25, 2010

System of a Down




            For the kids who missed out on Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down may drop some knowledge listeners may previously be unaware of.  Did you know that America gives money to fund coups in other countries?  No way!  California’s prisons are like seriously overcrowded?  OMFG! and that’s just the first song!

            The band is “heavily influenced” by their Armenian roots meaning their melodies are sometimes in minor keys and sometimes the singer rolls his “r”s.  SOAD had the good fortune of their 2nd album, Toxicity, being released a week before 9/11.  The lyrics of “Chop Suey,” somehow were prescient “self-righteous suicide” and all that jazz.  Otherwise, the album is your typical teen metal fare complete with party jams like “Bounce!.” There’s really only one other highlight on Toxicity, the atmospheric ballad “Aerials,” but while the song sounds good, the lyrics are pretty dumb.  What basically was a band that was slightly a cut above the rest in 2000’s nu metal, ended up exploiting their more political side in their subsequent albums.  Michael Moore directed the first video for their album Steal This Album whose title is a wink-wink to Abbie Hoffman.  Once you graduate college and realize that making Yippie references and still bitching about the horrors of the Ottoman Empire (Ottoman Empire? Really?) is incredibly lame and a sign of a group of people trying too hard, you’ll move on to real music.

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