August 13, 2010

Bachelor No. 2

Aimee Mann

            I would never want to be friends with Aimee Mann.  She has this annoying tendency to write really unflattering songs about people she knows, plus the bummed out attitude she has in general.  The fact that she wrote a song based on “Ghost World,” isn’t startling as she’s pretty much as Rebecca-esque as they come. 

            Mann’s third solo album, Bachelor No. 2, was a breakthrough and is considered the first album offered via internet only to make a dent in sales.  Produced by one-trick pony Jon Brion (enough with the flutey sounds already!), Bachelor plays like much of Mann’s other work, whiney lyrics about people who need serious help accompanied by Beatle-esque stylings and rocking boat riffs.  There are a few stand-outs:  “Ðeathly,” may be the most dynamic Mann song I’ve heard since her ‘til tuesday material.  A heartbreaking guitar solo that’s almost up there with Clapton’s “While My Guitar…” solo (performed, oddly, by Lisa Marie’s latest husband) and lyrics that are equally tear-jerking, it’s no wonder that the song was quoted as dialog in the film Magnolia.  Speaking of that 3-hour-long-holy-shit-frogs-really? film, it’s no surprise that a few of Bachelor’s stronger songs as well as some other Mann selections appear on the soundtrack. 

            Bachelor was Mann’s tour-de-force; as my boyfriend pointed out this morning, “Yup, she’s pretty much been on auto-pilot ever since that album.” I call for a ‘til tuesday reunion.


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