With the World Turning Circles Running Round My Brain

July 5, 2010

The Police

The Police’s fifth album shows the beginning of Sting as tried and true pop star and of course, it was the demise of the band. Synchronicity is a polished affair with few contributions by members Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland, giving Sting room to flex his writing muscles. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—while Copeland’s contribution, “Miss Gradenko” is satirical and funky at the same time, Summer’s “Mother” is a bit embarrassing.
The first side of the album is more or less your typical Police fare—artistically-minded British university students playing African influenced music with literary lyrics. It’s the second side that kicks listeners in the ass; opening with “Synchronicity II”—a snapshot of a truly dysfunctional middle class family (don’t ask me about the video, seriously, what was that all about? Post apocalyptic trash men? Dunno). Then, we get to the triumvirate of “Every Breath You Take,” “King of Pain,” and “Wrapped Around Your Finger.” Seriously, if the album just had those songs, I would still love it. “Tea in the Sahara” is the forgotten gem; a haunting tale about three women left stranded in the desert by their jerk of a two-timing boyfriend. Talk about a strange way to end a last album.
As with most last album gossip, word is that the members couldn’t stand each other by the end and they went their separate ways until their recent reunion concerts. Sting went on to become organic and sing songs that are about as granola as his diet. He is also known for his endurance in the bedroom. Really, that’s more impressive than “Fields of Gold,” if you ask me. “Every Breath You Take,” the Police’s biggest hit which was a song about stalking, became a huge wedding slow dance number demonstrating the importance of truly listening to lyrics before you pick your song.


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